Cabin Fever

This Winter has been a cold one. Between snow, ice, and sub-zero wind chills I haven’t wanted to do much but listen to Soul music and drink hot tea.

The Fire Feb 4th

Spooky and I did manage to shake off the cabin fever this week to go out to The Fire to play a show with our pal Josh Miller.

In other news Bekuh and I are moving to a new spot in Philly, that will include a new studio space for each of us. With that being said the full album might get pushed back till a little later in the Spring but I PROMISE new songs by the end of March!

Yer Pal,

Sketchbook: 12-30-2013

As we stare this New Year in the face the true start of Winter slips by almost unnoticed. Old Jack Frost is here to chill your bones for a while.

rock head

So warm up with good plans for a fine year. Start off well and take it one day at a time. Get warm beside someone who wants to stay warm beside you. Play. Invent. Go on adventures. Listen to music you think is great. Eat well. Stay fit. Make new stories, tell old stories, and listen to twice as many as you tell. Have a damn good time.

When you see Jack Frost offer him a drink and a sleigh ride, the thaw will be here before you know it.

Happy New Year!

Yer Pal,

Sketchbook: 12-23-2013

Everyone needs a little practice. I have been wrapping gifts for at least the past 20 years. This year is the first I have managed to look like it was completed by a sentient being with motor skills. It has taken hard work and determination, but friends I stand before you a better, more steady handed man.

training day

Even reindeer have to get a little practice in. I can assure you they don’t spend all year at the North Pole just playing reindeer games. The big game is coming up for those guys and their coach is counting on them being at their best.

So while you practice your best smile for the impending photographs, or practice keeping your mouth shut about whatever political discussion happens with your families, keep ol’ Dasher and his crew in mind as they prepare to make the big leap and carry the big guy to boys and girls around the world.

Yer Pal,

Sketchbook: 12-16-2013

We are starting to amass a small hoard of house plants. From our hanging basket filled with parsley, so some english ivy that has rallied from near death multiple times our one window is our garden haven.

practice cactus web

This Christmas Cactus is a favorite of mine. We didn’t get any blooms this year but, it will be around to try again for many years to come.

With Christmastime coming take time to be with your loved ones and reflect on the year you’ve had and the year to come. Oh, and water your plants.

Yer Pal,

Sketchbook: 12-9-2013

We had the first snow of the year yesterday here in Philly.

rain logo web

I like changing weather. Too much sun, rain, wind, or snow is a little dull.

We went out in the snow and trounced around awhile, and then warmed up with cider. Nellie put on her best sled dog impression and marked everything as hers. It was all new territory after all.

If you are in Philly come out to this house show on Saturday for a good time with a bunch of neat people. ALso maybe a Christmas song?

Yer Pal,

Sketchbook: 12-2-2013

Organization. Easy to talk about, hard (for me at least) to always follow through with. Earlier in my life I bought countless notebooks with the intention of filling them, write half a verse and lose them in the calamity of my possessions.

leather notebook

Inspired by the organization of an artist I truly admire (my wife Bekuh), I am trying to fill a sketch book before I move to another one. Drawing is great exercise for me. It keeps me putting pen to paper even when the songwriting isn’t coming. I am also carrying a pocket notebook for song ideas now. Although I have seen some folks just use their phone as a tape recorder, and am tempted to just start hollering Biblical allusions at my phone in public.

Hope y’all had a good Thanksgiving!

Yer Pal,

Sketchbook: 11-25-2013

It is easy to be nervous.

learning to fly

Make the jump. You either fall or fly and both make good adventures.

Yer Pal,

Setting Dates

I started on this record (that still isn’t done) over a year ago. Between moving, changing jobs, and a laundry list of other excuses it still isn’t done.

Spooky is pissed.

So I am telling you right now, in March 2014 you will have an On The Cooling Board full length so that you may proselytize to your friends, family, enemies, and strangers. I will have more information on type of release and where it will be available in the coming months, but rest easy friends these jams will soon be yours.

I have every intention of trying to get to y’all on this blog more often. Look for the Monday sketch series, as well as some other words I put into sentences.

Also, the first OTCB merch came in! If you would like a free sticker come to any of the upcoming shows or contact us!

Yer pal,

Writer’s Block

I’ve been fighting writer’s block for the past month or so. We’ll I suppose that’s what you call it.

Writing has been more of a compulsion for me than a scholarly act. And lately when I make time for writing, it doesn’t feel right. Our trip to Chicago lit a fire under me though. I think I finally am back on track.

chicago ivy

Some house shows in Philly this weekend. Make sure you check out the shows page as well as on social media to see when and where I’ll be. Spooky and I would love to come to your town soon, drop us a line.

Sketchbook: 8-20-13

I believe in science fiction. The fantastical concepts of today are the daily occurrences of tomorrow.

masterblaster crop

My dream for many years was to be a robotics engineer. I loved the idea of robotics and daily applications of robotics. This sketch pulls from a time in my life when I wondered what it was like to conceptualize technology using your current situation as a reference. This is masterblaster, and it is someone’s idea of the future.

Yer Pal,

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