Interview With Spooky: Part 1

Possibly the most integral part of On The Cooling Board is the mysterious Spooky T. Chain.

Many people have asked over the years for more information about Spooky, and he has finally agreed to allow me to briefly expound upon his life and travels thus far.

Clark Park

This is a picture of Spooky and I as On The Cooling Board, taken at Clark Park Fest by our good friend Dani from Lover’s League

Spooky Theodore Chainsbottom was born in Saginaw, Michigan in the Spring of 1983. Theo, as he was referred to by his family, was a quiet child born to an upper-middle class home. His father Marley Chainbottom was part of the big brass of the General Motors factories located in Saginaw, who helped oversee the sweeping layoffs in the mid- to late 1980’s. His mother is said to have died in childbirth along with a younger brother when Spookywas only nine years old.

Suffering the loss of his mother defined most of his adolescence. Spooky began to feel as though he could not relate to his peers and became increasingly introspective. Spooky’s father, who dealt with the death of his wife with the abuse of prescription pain killers, began to fear for teenage Spooky’s well being as the two grew more and more distant. In 1999 Spooky Theodore Chainsbottom joined his first band, Dumb Blood.

Dumb Blood were a mix of Sunny Day Real Estate era Emo and DIY Hardcore a-la Minor Threat. Spooky initially joined the band as a roadie and after becoming a more proficient percussionist than the string of high-school junkie drummers previously hired, he played his first show in September of 2000.

Well folks. The man is getting restless so thats about all we have for today, but I look forward to sharing more about the interesting life that has begat my friend Spooky till now.

Yer Pal,

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