On The Cooling Board was started by Ryan Browning in 2009 while living in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. Browning an already accomplished songwriter, musician, and recording engineer designed On The Cooling Board as a mobile one-man rock band. Drawing on the influences of folk music, blues, work songs, and traditional gospel music combining them with punk and classic rock influences of his youth, On The Cooling Board is not your dad’s “Mustang Sally” blues band.

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Browning’s previous projects have included Mountain Empire , The Browning Brothers, Death Newman , Sammy Suede and The Strays and he has proudly shared the stage with members of North Lawrence Midnight Singers,When Ships Collide, The Young Sinclairs , The Old One-Two , The Floorboards, The Bastards of Fate, Missionaries, and Eternal Summers.

Now hailing from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania On The Cooling Board blends the dirt and heart of pre-war blues with the raw electric energy of early indie rock. Deliberate, pounding, and honest On The Cooling Board is sure to shake shoes and make you holler.

Contact Us: onthecoolingboard@gmail.com